Haunted AMERICAN GIRL DOLL Story in Description updated 11/20

Haunted AMERICAN GIRL DOLL Story in Description updated 11/20
Haunted AMERICAN GIRL DOLL Story in Description updated 11/20
Haunted AMERICAN GIRL DOLL Story in Description updated 11/20

Haunted AMERICAN GIRL DOLL Story in Description updated 11/20

"Haunted" AMERICAN GIRL DOLL with CARRYING CASE. If you believe in this stuff then this is haunted or channels something or whatever. I really was not a believer, I also dont disbelieve. I just never experienced anything like this until now. Could be my imagination after purchasing this doll.

I've read that by believing it feeds or channels things and brings it on. I don't know what to believe but I'm sure I don't want this in my home. It is in storage now. I bought this doll from a guy that buys storage units and flips them.

He tells me that when he got this doll it was in a locked trunk from a unit he bought. I did not see proof of this locked trunk. Just telling what he said.

He says when he broke the lock and opened the trunk, instantly felt his hairs stand on his arm. When he brought this doll to his garage his light flickered.

His lights flickered before also so I dont take that to serious. He insists it was odd.

This guy also says he would hear rustling and chatter from the garage after bringing this home. He said he doesn't like the feelings this gives him. He said that he probably could get a few grand for this as there's people that are into haunted objects and weird stuff but he doesn't want it around anymore. I don't know if this was all a story. I laugh of course and paid way to much for it.

He did make me promise him not to bring it into my living quarters. It's all he made me promise. Never ever had he talked to me this way. After purchasing this among other stuffed animals I had it in a box in my garage. The next morning the box was tipped over, all other stuffed animals was out of the box except this doll.

It is a heavy doll with bag. (I own no pets) I put the doll on a shelf and it fell off a few times. I heard scuffling and some kind of whisper or chattering from garage. MAYBE my mind playing tricks on me. It was suggested to me to use a digital dousing device that paranormal investigators use.

It does not use the mic or ask for location. Supposedly is not hooked to servers. Base line away from the garage the dousing device is tame. In the garage I would get readings saying legion, evil, danger, pray.

One day I asked who it is and it answered with my deceased father in laws name. The device never ever said a name before.. He is the closest of deceased to me. Also its a common biblical name Paul. Maybe its one of the few names in the database?

I dont know but made me uncomfortable, After getting the same readings of evil, legion, danger and pray only when the doll is present I decided to bring it to my storage unit. The guy across from my unit is a DJ and loads, unloads his equipment regularly and says he thinks there's and animal in my unit. There is no evidence of animal dropping, hair or anything.

I also dont play with the dousing device at home. I do not suggest anyone bring this into their living space. I dont like the vibes and mojo from it. My friends do like playing with the dousing device and the doll.

I now can make fun of my grown men friends that they play with dolls. I've never felt it to be malicious or evil. Just weird, creeped out and uncomfortable. Priced specifically not for children. Part of me doesn't want to sell it but price is listed - I will entertain offers.

Update 11/20 - I was at storage unit for 2 hours yesterday. One of my workers played with doll lolol but nothing strange. We will be back next Friday night. This item is in the category "Dolls & Bears\Dolls, Clothing & Accessories\Dolls & Doll Playsets". The seller is "panddcol-31" and is located in this country: US.

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Haunted AMERICAN GIRL DOLL Story in Description updated 11/20